Autostar honors 2015's top employees

The General Automotive Company (Autostar) honored its top-performing employees on (day of week.)

The ceremony was held to celebrate the achievements of staff in 2015 at the Madareem Crown Hotel in Riyadh.

The Ceremony was attended by the company's senior executives, the event featured a number of interactive activities, team-building programs, and skill enhancement activities.

Members of the team of all levels exchanged ideas and suggestions for ways to boost the company’s performance and its resources, all of which helped them devise strategic plans and marketing and sales targets for 2016.

Rami S.Hankir, Autostar's General Manager, thanked all employees of the company who contributed actively to the success, putting in tremendous time and effort to ensure that goals were fulfilled and challenges were met, while helping the company to set its course towards the future.

“Every effort, no matter how small, if done with sincerity, is good for our company,” he added. “As long as we keep aiming higher and strive to increase our ingenuity, creativity and our will to innovate towards inventing new ways to do things, success will always be our only reward.”

To the employees who distinguished themselves with outstanding performance throughout last year, Hankir said, “Precisely because we are positive that each and every one of us carries the same sense of loyalty and belonging to our company, it was quite hard for us to decide who the best is. Today, I am proud to honor the best among you, knowing that each one has set a worthy example of success, professionality, and exemplary conduct.”

Wishing everyone continued success, he added that Autostar will continue confidently on its way towards the future.

“As long as each and every one of you continue to do their best and give their best to ensure the quality of our products, the efficiency of our services, and, ultimately, the satisfaction of our clients, by God, we shall stay on the right path towards achieving our objectives, and well will maintain our position of leadership in the Saudi automotive sector.”

For more information, please contact:

Yasser Alasitani

Director, Public and Media Relations, Autostar